Unique Tours and Experiences in St. Petersburg Russia
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What’s Waiting for You Here

  • Over 200 museums to match any interest

  • 100 theaters for a classic evening out

  • 114 rivers/canals and 432 bridges to rival Venice & Amsterdam

  • 22 white nights and freezing cold winters to showcase Russia’s best seasons

Beyond the Basics

• Niche tours for the Russophiles and Russo-curious

• We know there aren’t any bears here and we don’t care why the Russians don’t smile at strangers

Fun Times

• Engaging tours

• Passionate Storytellers to guide you through history 

On-the-Go Support

• Licensed guides who know the local language, culture, and what to do if…

• You can relax, we’ve got you covered! 

Let’s Talk About Your Next Adventure

  • Tour bookings and inquiries

  • Suggestions on where to go in St. Petersburg and how to best plan your time here

  • Questions about life in St. Petersburg as a long-term expat

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