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All of our tours and activities are currently at a halt, but we are planning to rework everything to an online format. In the meantime, check out our book club for more Russian immersion and sign up for our quarterly insider’s guide, The Russo Files, for more on the latest in St. Pete. 

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Unique Tours and Experiences in St. Petersburg Russia
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What’s Waiting for You Here

  • Over 200 museums to match any interest

  • 100 theaters for a classic evening out

  • 114 rivers/canals and 432 bridges to rival Venice & Amsterdam

  • 22 white nights and freezing cold winters to showcase Russia’s best seasons

Beyond the Basics

• Niche tours for the Russophiles and Russo-curious

• We know there aren’t any bears here and we don’t care why the Russians don’t smile at strangers

Fun Times

• Engaging tours

• Passionate Storytellers to guide you through history 

On-the-Go Support

• Licensed guides who know the local language, culture, and what to do if…

• You can relax, we’ve got you covered! 

Let’s Talk About Your Next Adventure

  • Tour bookings and inquiries

  • Suggestions on where to go in St. Petersburg and how to best plan your time here

  • Questions about life in St. Petersburg as a long-term expat

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