Assassination of a Tsar

Church on Spilled Blood

Church on Spilled Blood

Private Tour

$35 a person
  • Personal Experience

Group Tour

$25 a person
  • Minimum group of 5

Duration: 1 hour

Meeting point: Nevsky Metro Station

Not your typical house of worship but one with a grisly past. A memorial cathedral built on the 6th and final assassination attempt of Tsar Alexander II, the reformer Tsar – a nickname that warranted him much hatred by the people.

Find out more about the Russian Abraham Lincoln and go inside to see the most beautiful mosaic work in the city.

What’s Included:

Tickets to the church
Guided tour in the church
Optional visit to a second cathedral nearby

Low energy tour – few stairs/not much walking.

Perfect for a rainy day.

Bonus visit to another Historic Cathedral nearby. 

Meeting Point

Church on Spilled Blood meeting point