Finding an Apartment in St. Petersburg, Russia

Finding an Apartment in St. Petersburg, Russia

Finding an apartment in St. Petersburg, Russia can be stressful but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of options in Saint Petersburg for housing temporary and more long-term, so there’s no need to worry about whether or not you’ll find a place. You will!

Cost Expectations

Realtor for finding an apartment in St. Petersburg, Russia

For a Single Room

Renting a single room in an apartment with flatmates can cost anywhere from 12,000-24,000Rub depending on the location, size of the room and utility fee.

For a Whole Apartment

The price of renting a whole apartment depends largely on the location and renovation of the apartment as well as other factors such as how much sunlight comes in, how many communal apartments are nearby, whether or not there is a nice courtyard or not, etc.

For an Apartment in the Center

1 bedroom apartment close to Nevsky will cost no less than 30,000Rub and around 40-50,000 Rub for a 2 bedroom.

A Few Stops From Nevsky

A 2 bedroom apartment will cost around 30-35,000Rub.

Outside of the Center

A new 2 bedroom apartment will cost about 22-25,000Rub.

Big, American-styled Apartments

Up to 200,000 Rub or more.

Useful information when looking for an apartment in St. Petersburg:

Finding an apartment in St. Petersburg on Avito

You can search for apartments on Avito (Russian craigslist), but beware that Realtors often post beautiful apartments located in the center just to draw you in and get you to call them. When you call, they may tell you that this apartment (that was recently posted) was just sold/rented and offer to show you another apartment.

Babooshka apartment

Find out about the apartment owner and what their expectations are. Beware that some babooshki (grandma) owners like to show up unannounced and see how well you are taking care of the apartment and you will likely be fussed at if she finds unwashed dishes in the sink and clothes on the floor.


Some owners are now asking for payments in Euros stating that it’s ‘easier’ for you to make payments, but this is often more inconvenient for you especially if you’re making rubles and then have to go and exchange your rubles for euros each time. Mostly this is done for their protection in case the ruble decreases in value.


Utility fees should not exceed more than 5,000 rubles in a flat no bigger than 60 meters. 5K is usually how much utility fees cost in the winter, and in summer months the utility fees should be much lower. You might try to negotiate for not a flat fee of 5K, but instead to pay the fee per month understanding that this fee can change and be as high as 5K or more depending on the heat in the apartment (which you may have no control over), the size of the apartment and the amount of water used. If you have a big apartment, go for the 5K. Utility fees may also include the internet, but that’s not very common.

For those bigger, more American-styled apartments, utility fees are often included but you can expect anywhere from 12-18,000R or more.

For renting a room in a flat, finding flatmates, finding a studio apartment or even (occasionally) a full apartment for rent, your best bet is on this Facebook group:

Roommate & Flat Finder Group

If you’re running out of time to find a room or apartment, there are lots of hostels in the city that offer low living costs with private rooms and kitchens to cook in. It’s definitely not ideal, but you won’t be on the streets and it’s a temporary fix until you find your ideal residence.

If you’d like help finding an apartment, contact me for more info.