Dietary Food Options in St. Petersburg

“Oh, you’re one of those? They say that’s really trendy right now.”

Chances are, if you follow a special sugar-free/organic/gluten-free/vegan diet, you’ve heard these words before. In St. Petersburg, it is becoming increasingly easier to find shops, restaurants, and major supermarket chains that stock dietary foods. Learn more about the different supermarkets and organic convenience stores that exist in the center and throughout the city itself.


O’KEY is a supermarket (or gypermarket here in Russia) that has locations all over the city. It is a large, low-budget chain that has an aisle devoted especially to dietary foods. Here you can find sugar-free food and sugar substitutes, alternative milks (soy, almond, etc.), and gluten-free foods. Healthy, organic alternatives to other snacks found throughout the store also live in this aisle. Most of these foods are imports from EU countries, and are thus more expensive. Look for the EU Organic label!

Lenta, Karusel, Metro, and Ashan are also large supermarket chains that have similar dietary aisles to O’KEY. These are located all around the city and usually near large metro stations and shopping centers for easy access.

Prisma Supermarket is a Finnish grocery store, selling high-quality European goods. Their dietary aisle (диетическое питание in Russian) is a little more varied to the stores mentioned above because they stock a wider variety of European items. Check out Prisma for some really interesting Finnish food as well if you’re feeling adventurous!

Azbuka Vkusa is the crème de la crème of supermarkets here in St. Petersburg. They have larger stores and also mini markets that function as little shops, or produkti. The prices are really high here, but the quality of the items is a cut above. They carry a lot of imported meats, cheeses, fresh fruits and vegetables, etc. Practically all of their products could be considered dietary products. Visit an Azbuka if you feel like treating yourself and you’ve got enough padding in your wallet!

Convenience Stores (Produkti)

Convenience stores exist on every corner of the city. They range in quality, but SPAR (a European brand) and Perekrestok are two of the best here in St. Petersburg. SPAR carries Finnish dairy products as well as some healthy snack alternatives and a variety of crispbreads. Perekrestoks in the city center sometimes have nice gluten-free deserts! Their vegetable and fruit selection is usually pretty fresh, although limited due to the size of the stores. If you can’t get to a big supermarket, these are your best options! Plus, there’s bound to be one within walking distance of you, wherever you are in the city.

Eco Stores

If you’re really committed to a special diet or taking your New Year’s resolution of losing weight to the next level, you need a visit to your neighborhood eco store. Eco stores have recently become en vogue in St. Petersburg, as healthy lifestyles and Western diet fads gain popularity in Russia. There are three great eco stores near Vladimirskaya metro, a central metro on the Red Line only about 10 minutes walk from Nevsky Prospekt. Ekomagazin Klever is located on Zagorodnyy Prospekt 5, with a few other stores around the city. Klever has a great selection of organic products, both Russian and imported, and also all-natural cosmetics and beauty products. This store is a must for anybody looking for healthy food!

Located just a stone’s throw from Klever, Eko Market is another option for organic and unique products. You can find a wide variety of seeds and oils, as well as honey. Their address is Zagorodnyy Prospekt 9.

If honey and herbal teas are things you’re into, consider a visit to Medved’, an eco store at 6 Kyznechnyy Pereulok. They have a huge sampling of natural honey from different regions in Russia. They also have a large herbal tea selection and other eco products.

The biggest eco store chain in St. Petersburg is Pravilnoye Pitaniye (Правильное Питание), with 6 stores around the city. They also have an online store that offers delivery to your home or office! Check out their website here.

If you’re looking for eco stores located in other parts of the city – fear not – they’re out there! A good way to check is to search the terms “eco shop,” “eko magazin,” “organic,” “diyet magazin,” or any of these words in Russian in Google Maps. If you’ve got good recommendations for your favorite eco stores, contact us at SAFS!

Online Ordering

It’s 2018, and the internet is everything these days. It’s now pretty standard for people to order grocery supplies online to their homes or offices. There are also meal kit delivery platforms, which ship you a box of ingredients, a recipe, and a guarantee that nothing can go wrong (it can, if you’re as helpless a cook as I am). That’s, of course, why there’s also online food ordering platforms that deliver hot, prepared meals directly to your door if you cannot figure out how to boil rice (again, me). No matter what option you choose, there’s a way to make the process of buying, cooking, and ordering food easy. Here’s the good news – all these options exist here in Russia. Even better news? There are healthy alternatives!

Zhili Rastili (Жили Растили) is in the business of growing fresh, healthy greens, fruits, and veggies and delivering it to homes and offices in the St. Petersburg area. It’s basically a virtual farm stand that will drop off their yummy, healthy produce to your front door. You can order a box of mixed produce or order specific products. Either way, this company makes eating well incredibly easy and affordable – what’s not to like?! Check them out here. – This is an online service that has partnerships with some of the large supermarket chains mentioned above. iGooods delivers products from Lenta, Metro, Prisma, and Lend (a high-quality and high-priced shop in the city center) among others. iGooods promises that you pay the same amount for food items online as you would in the store. However, you do pay a delivery charge based on how many kilos of food you order. Read all about their services here.

ChefMarket is a large food delivery service that operates in a few major cities in Russia, one being St. Petersburg. ChefMarket delivers a box to your door every week, after you tailor your food choices on their site. You can get their fitness box, their holiday box, the family box, etc. They list the difficulty of the meal prep and the amount of time it takes to make the meals. They have a lot of options to choose from, so be sure to visit their site!

If you’d like healthy meals that help you lose weight but don’t want to spend time making them yourself, Grow Food has you covered. They deliver prepared meals to you, after you decide which diet option suits you best. You can tailor your food box based on how many calories you want to consume per day. This is a great option for people who are committed to staying healthy and trim.

Feeling like a cheat meal? Check out Delivery Club. They deliver from all your favorite restaurants right to your door. Add them to your party the next time you have a Friday night in for some well-deserved binge watching, you won’t regret it.