Peterpaw Adventures

dog in winter gear

Gearing UP

Many pet owners invest in jackets, coats and boots for their furry friends as winter temperatures can often drop below -10ºC (14ºF) and chemicals or salts are often used to de-ice sidewalks.

sick dog

Going Out

Sadly there are no dog parks in the city but there are plenty of dog friendly parks! Be careful and watchful when your fur friend is outside, some people put out poison for stray animals.

dog police

Paw Laws

Dogs are to be on a short leash when in public.

 Dogs taller than 25 cm (10″) are required to wear a muzzle.

Large dogs must be walked by someone 14 years or older and only 2 large dogs at a time can be walked.

Owners should pick up after pets but few do. Waste bags aren’t provided and trash bins may be far away.

Dogs considered ‘dangerous’ must be registered and owners must carry documentation with them which certifies that the dog underwent a training course after 18 m/o. This includes: Pit Bull and Staffordshire Terriers, Anatolian/Caucasian/Central Asian Shepherds, Karelian Bears and Boerboels.

dog walker

Dog Walkers

There are many students and teachers in town who’d be happy to have some extra income taking care of and walking your pet while you’re out of town. Just ask around in the St. Petersburg EXPATS group. – is a website (all in Russian) where you can find any kind of specialist or freelancer in the city. This link takes you straight to the page with the dog walkers. There are many admin in this company who speak English and they can help connect you with a dog walker who might also speak English or whatever language.

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