The Best Care for Your Best Friends

Pet Sitters

There are many students and teachers in town who might be missing their fur friends back home and who would be happy to have some extra income taking care of and walking your pet while you’re out of town. Just ask around in the St. Petersburg EXPATS group. 

If you have a small-medium sized dog that gets along well with cats, I’d be happy to dog sit it at my place!


Piter Dog’s Hotel

Closest metro: Ydelnaya

This is a hotel for cats and dogs only.

Expat tested and recommended!

Their Site

Zoo Eco Hotel

Closest metro: Moskovskaya

This hotel keeps dogs, cats, guinea pigs, chinchillas, rabbits, turtles, birds, exotic animals (on agreement only) and fish.

Their Site


Closest metro: Narvskaya and Suburbs

PettyBurg keeps birds, guinea pigs and chinchillas, dogs, rabbits and cats.

The hotel for small animals is located near the metro Narvskaya and the suburbs for bigger dogs.

Their Site

For more on information on Peterpaws, check out our Pets page.