Recommended Vets and Clinics

Recommended Vets


We love our vet at Ветлюкс (5-я Красноармейская д.17),Elena Yakinschuk! She treats Kibby like the diva that she is and it’s clear that she’s both knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. She’s always patient and kind with Kibby not to mention and even called to wish us AND KIBBY a ‘happy New Year’. I highly recommend entrusting your fur friend in her care!

She speaks some English, but I’m not sure that she can explain medical procedures in depth in English. Call 575-01-19 to make an appointment with her. There are a few other doctors who work there, so make sure you ask to make an appointment with Elena.

The Leningrad zoo has some English-speaking vets. It might be necessary to call in advance to ensure that an English-speaking vet will be there when you go.

* The door for the vet is on the side of the zoo.

Home Visit Vet


Nikolay is an expat-recommended vet that makes house visits. He doesn’t speak English.

Call him at +7 (921) 792-7279

24/7 Clinics


For those times when you need immediate care and can’t wait for your regular vet to wake up or make it into work… here’s a list of 24/7 clinics.

Don’t want to leave your fur friend at home when you go out to meet friends? Here is a list of some furiendly cafes.