Pre-Move Checklist for Your Move to Russia

If you’re reading this page that means you’ve either decided to move to Russia or you’re thinking about it… so that’s cool! Getting ready to move to Russia (or any other country) is exciting, but it requires a lot of work with not only paperwork but also research. You’ll have a lot of work to do to prepare, not to mention the settling in bit once you’ve moved. Here is a basic list of things you need to do before you move.

Passport to move to Russia

Get your paperwork in order: passports, visas, other documents for schools/work/pets should all be up to date.

Relocation companies in St. Petersburg, Russia

Figure out what to do with your stuff: what to keep, bring, sell, & find someone to move your stuff over if necessary.

Relocation Companies
Russian Teachers in St. Petersburg, Russia

Learn basic phrases and vocabulary. Memrise is a fun way to get started. If you’re not a beginner, start watching some Tv shows or movies.

Spb Russian Teacher
School and pet information for St. Petersburg, Russia

If you have kids or pets that you’re bringing with you, get a jumpstart to help them settle in.

School Information
Spb Pet Info
Housing information for St. Petersburg, Russia

Start looking into the housing market and what’s available. Find out more about unsafe areas, typical costs and agents.

Spb Housing
What to pack for Russia

Figure out what you need to take and what you can leave behind. Get an idea of what you need to pack by checking out this list of items our upperclassmen expats always pick up when they go back home.

To Bring List
Contact me for support when you move to Russia

Find a local sponsor to give you all of the insider information. Get my best tips and advice on getting started and navigating life as an expat in Russia.

Contact Me
Understand your finances before you move to Russia

Understand your budget and finances as well as insurance, tax and general expenses before you get up the creek without a paddle so to speak.

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