Preschools in Russia

preschools in Russia

Enrollment requirements for most preschools:

  • Birth certificate
  • Passport photo with color
  • Copies of valid passports, visas and registration
  • Academic record if any
  • Health records and medical card with recorded illnesses from a Russian doctor
  • Up-to-date vaccination is preferred

Additional information for preschools in Russia:

  • Kids can go to preschool from 12 months (not common) – 5 years old. Finding a preschool/daycare for babies may be hard.
  • There are international preschools that take some younger kids.
  • There is often a waiting list, so look into preschools as early as possible!
  • Russian preschools may offer English class, but it usually costs extra.
  • Fees are higher for non-citizens.
  • Registration at the local Department of Education, etc may be required.
  • Preschools often push for a full-day (8a.m.-6p.m.) at age 3, but parents can opt out of this with a written request for 1/2 days.
  • Some preschools offer 24/7 care.
  • Schools close for summer, but some preschools offer kids an option to live in the country house on the outskirts of St. Petersburg for 3 weeks or longer. Parents can visit weekends.

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