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#livefromrussia series

Looking to have fun, learn something new about Russia and build a sense of community amongst fellow Russophiles during the lockdown, I began to host the #LiveFromRussia Instagram Live series in which guests and experts join me live on Instagram to chat about Russia.

Join us to engage and ask any questions you may have about the topic being presented or watch it later when you’ve got time to listen. All chats are added to my Instagram profile and my website for your convenience.


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9 pm MSK

30 mins – 1 hr

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We welcome any questions, comments, emojis that you would like to share during the live chat. It’s great to have some feedback and interaction from you all!

Write your questions in the comment section of the live chat and we will answer as soon as when can when appropriate to answer.

Before the live chat, I post a reminder with a countdown clock. By tapping on the countdown, you can set a reminder so you won’t miss it!

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