Pavlovsk Palace Tour

Waiting for the Throne

Pavlovsk Palace Tour

Private Tour

$ 70 a person
  • Minimum group of 2

Group Tour

$50 a person
  • Minimum group of 5

Duration: 4 hours w/transport

Meeting point: Your Accommodation

What gift do you give your son on the birth of his first child when you’re the ruler of Russia? If you were Catherine the Great then you would give them your favorite hunting ground to build a home on but first you would take the baby away to raise on your own just as your mother-in-law did on the birth of your first child.

Pavlovsk was a sanctuary for Paul I where he and his beautiful wife (one of Russia’s most beloved empresses) built a family home and created their own little empire as Paul waited for his turn on the throne. He waited a looong time and had to follow his mother, Catherine the Great in the line of succession and she proved to be a tough act to follow.

Set in a beautiful park, this palace off-the-beaten-track is worth a visit.

What’s Included:

Private transfer to and from the palace from your accommodation
Palace and park tickets included
Fast-track tickets
Guided tour in the palace

Be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

Please let us know of any mobility needs.

Consider combining this with a tour of Catherine’s Palace.

Meeting Point:  Your accommodation

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