Where It All Began

The Vladimir Putin Tour

Putin Tour

Private Tour

45 $ / € an individual
  • Personal Experience

Group Tour

30 $ / € an individual
  • Minimum group of 5

Duration: 2 1/2 hours

Meeting point: Vladimirskaya Metro

Explore the formative years of the Russian president. See where he spent his childhood, forged lifelong friendships, met his former wife and started his career in the KGB.

“The childhood of today is the manhood of tomorrow.”

What’s Included:

Walk in the footsteps of the young president This is not a tour on politics
  Stories of his family and formative years Quick rest stop with your choice of tea/coffee/water and a traditional Russian snack

Please wear comfortable shoes.

Ladies, please bring a headcover for entering the cathedral.

We are not qualified to discuss politics & the policies of the Russian government.

Meeting Point

Vladimir Metro