Our Top Russian Movie Picks

 Матильда (Matilda)

*Available on YouTube (in Russian)

This controversial movie was released in October of 2017. Religious officials protested the release of this film as it darkens the memory and character of the last Romanovs who are now canonized. For those of you who are interested in historical romantic dramas, this is a movie to add to your list!

 Стиляги (Hipsters)

*Available on YouTube (with or without English subtitles)

During the Soviet Union, most people wore the same clothes in the same colors and options were limited. People who bought more outgoing clothes on the black market were considered outcasts and frowned upon by society. Стиляги is a fun musical about this group of stylish rebels who were obsessed with their idea of what American culture was at the time. Although a bit exaggerated, this movie is a fun way to learn a bit more about an interesting period in Soviet history.

 Ирония Судьбы (The Irony of Fate)

*Available for purchase on YouTube

This 1976 Soviet romantic comedy is about a mishap on New Year’s when a drunk guy tries to go home to his fiancee and somehow ends up at the same address in another city and in some other girl’s apartment. The drama continues to unfold when she comes home to find this stranger in her bed.

This movie is a classic and one of my all-time favorite Russian movies! It also offers a glimpse of how Russians celebrate the New Year.

Питер Фм

*Available on YouTube in Russian (with or without subtitles)
Below you’ll find the movie with no subtitles.

Another great romantic comedy set in post-Soviet Russia. Masha accidentally drops her cell phone in a crowd and Maxim picks it up then attempts to track her down to return it. The two attempt to meet on numerous occasions to make the exchange, but not knowing what the other looks like their attempts are unsuccessful. She is already engaged and he is planning to move to Germany, but the two may just reconsider their previous plans leaving everything up in the air for love.

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