Virtual Vodka Experience

A Shot of History

Virtual Vodka Experience

Group Experience

$12an individual
  • Minimum group of 6
  • Interactive learning experience
  • Live Q & A

Private Experience

$25 a household
  • Fits your schedule
  • Interactive learning experience
  • 1-on-1 with your guide

Duration: 1 hour

Live from St. Petersburg!

Hosted on Zoom

The Vodka Experience is guaranteed to put you in high spirits! During this virtual soiree, you will learn more about the history of vodka, Russian traditions surrounding it as well as the proper way to drink it.

Vodka alone can’t lift your spirits but it’s worth a shot!

What’s Included:

A shot of history Top Russian vodkas & snacks to chase
How it’s made in Russia Vodka tasting & recommendations for St. Petersburg
Toasting tips Vodka not included but a good time is!